Parents are the first and primary educators of their children. Parenting is not easy, but it is worth the effort and is rewarded a hundredfold. Children learn everything from their parents, and the best that they can learn from you is how to love. Love is shown not only emotionally, but primarily through our actions, and the best way to show our love through actions is by the effort you make. A child whose parents make an effort to be the best possible parents is certainly a happy and proud child. Our kindergartens are particularly special in that they are not only kindergartens for children, but also kindergartens for parents.

Our early childhood educators are trained to provide children with holistic personalised education, but also to be a support to parents in upbringing and education – to know the right time and way to offer the right advice.

Perhaps even more vital is that our early childhood educators observe and listen to parents in order to better know their child, because no one knows a child more than its parents. Complementary cooperation between early childhood educators and parents in the holistic education of a child is critical to our method.

Parents will also be offered educational courses led by professionally trained early childhood educators and other parents. We can also recommend a diverse range of expert literature.

Parents: be what you are! Your children are your greatest treasure, and you are most important to them.